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Hwdsb Octu Collective Agreement

The Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) and the Ontario Council of Educational Workers (OCTU) recently reached a new collective agreement that will impact the compensation and working conditions of education workers in the district.

The new agreement includes a 2% wage increase for all OCTU members, in addition to a 0.5% lump sum payment. The agreement also includes enhancements to benefits and provisions for job security, as well as improved working conditions for casual and part-time workers.

One significant change in the new agreement is the introduction of the Steps for Success program, which aims to provide professional development opportunities for education workers. This program will allow workers to advance their skills and knowledge, potentially leading to increased career opportunities within the district.

Additionally, the agreement includes a commitment to support diverse and inclusive workplaces, which will help to ensure that all members of the education community feel valued and supported. The HWDSB and OCTU also pledged to work towards reducing and eliminating workplace harassment and discrimination, which is an important step towards creating a safe and respectful working environment for all staff members.

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In conclusion, the new HWDSB OCTU collective agreement represents a positive step forward for education workers in the district. With improved compensation, benefits, and working conditions, as well as a focus on professional development and workplace inclusivity, this agreement will help to support the important work of education workers and benefit students and families in the Hamilton-Wentworth community.



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